Our Services

Zakat and Tax Services

Our office work team use their deep knowledge of your business activity and local and global expertise to remove the complexity of tax challenges and put control back in your hands. Our local resources are available to help you make better tax decisions on the segment as well as at the macro level.

Management Consulting

We offer a variety of solutions to serve organizations and companies through human resources planning, operations management, competency management, performance appraisal, management system and companies governance.

Accounting services – Bookkeeping

Through various services, we assist our customers’ accounting, financial and administrative aspects of day-to-day management.

Financial Consulting

A number of projects successes tools and reach the maximum profit, estimate the size of the current and future market and to stay away from future risks. Our services include setting up a financial system, achieving the highest benefit from customers and consumers, linking financial consulting with management consulting and feasibility studies, to achieve the highest financial profit return for the company and future commercial planning as well as others.

Assisting in Preparation of Economic Feasibility Study

We will explain the scope and mechanism of the agreements with our views necessary for the success of proposed studies and management arrangements, our proposed fees and work conditions. Qualifications of persons employed in this task are also enclosed.

Inheritance Liquidation Services

Our care and interest in providing services as a judicial trustee guard or liquidator of the inheritance, it will only need to contact the partner responsible and understanding with him to determine the scope of services required in a precise and understanding with the manner of implementation and fees, which are always considered and appropriate.

Our Office would like to be one of the tools used to develop the financial aspect
of Saudi enterprises and help them reach the 2030 Vision

What distinguishes our Consulting Office?

Saudi National Company 100%

Because we are 100% a Saudi company, we understand your aspirations and work together to promote and upgrade your demands.

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Professional Work Team

In Amal Komait Office, we have a professional Saudi team with professional specialties that meet the needs of our customers.

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Trust of Our Customers

Through our experience we have gained the trust of our existing customers and seek to gain your trust as well.

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